About us

The health sector has changed dramatically in recent years. Technology and continuous research have helped advance the treatment of many diseases that were previously unknown and incurable. This geometric progression has added another perspective to the health sector in most specialties, as well as in terms of patients and their needs. The hope that has arisen thanks to ongoing research and proper application of emerging technologies is very important for humans and public health.
Even though medical specialties vary, the attitude of medical health professionals has changed not only towards patients, but vis-à-vis society as a whole. While doctors now have improved and easier access to developments and opportunities abound for training on new applications, the greatest value is gained on both sides with enhanced understanding, efficient communication and a positive attitude towards individual patients.
In this context, the goal of EYELEVEL is to offer the best possible quality of ophthalmological services in a warm and friendly environment with emphasis on mutual and proper communication, behavior, respect and credibility.
At EYELEVEL, not only is state-of-the-art training and technology important but also dedication and the development of long-term patient relations.
The Eye Surgeon Pavlos Greveniotis, MD trained at Cyprus' largest ophthalmology clinic 'Ophthalmos EYE and LASER Centre' in surgery of the anterior (refractive lasers) and posterior segment for diseases such as strabismus and for age-related vision problems (cataract, age-related maculated degeneration, etc.). He completed his specialty at the General State Hospital 'Georgios Gennimatas', which is known as the central ophthalmology reference center in Athens, Greece.